BIGBANG is getting worldwide recognition!

BIGBANG appeared on the main website for the Grammy Awards. ( The post with BIGBANG’s picture had the title “K-Pop Explosion” and the caption read “Korean boy band Big Bang go boom.”

Clicking on the picture reveals that it was posted on March 13 and is from Big Bang’s performance on March 11. The caption after you click on the image reads “South Korean quintet Big Bang go kaboom during a performance in Seoul, Korea, on March 11.”

As of March 15, there are nearly 345 comments and they read, “BIGBANG own EMA, next stop Grammy!” “BIGBANG ON GRAMMY SITE WOW!” “WOW! Fantastic, baby! *proud*” and “LOL Grammy you are so late. Big Bang’s been going kaboom for a long time. :)”