We have been following Big Bang’s endorsements for the outdoor store North Face from the photoshoot with TOP and Lee Yeon Hee, to them arriving in New Zealand for a photoshoot, to some pictures where even in outdoor clothing, they still look very handsome! We were also excited to show you a video that Seungri had uploaded to his me2day account of himself, TOP, G Dragon, and Taeyang, on a mountain.

On August 25th, the group took the endorsement further with the release of a MV/CF with a song that they have created for the promotions. The song works well with the video to create a feeling of excitement and it’s also an amazing song, as expected from them!

Check out the video below and watch them prepare for the wilderness and then as they traverse trails and mountains.

They look like they had the time of their lives and I am sure you all wish you could have been with them! Let’s hope they can continue with smiles on their faces until they return as five.

In case anyone missed it, be sure to check out Seungri’s video of the guys having fun on top of a mountain:

We’re not sure why TOP is eating snow and feeding it to Taeyang, but we love it either way!