The boys of Big Bang were spotted in Incheon Airport on July 24th, just few days after they got back from the “YGEX” press conference in Japan. Where are they heading this time?




As expected, Daesung is missing, there were only four of them. Dressed in the well-known outdoor clothing/ equipment brand “The North Face” from head to toes, even the back packs, makes fans wondering where exactly is their destination. Just when fans were guessing, lucky fans from New Zealand gave us the answer by showing off the autographs they got from the boys! It turned out they are in New Zealand now doing a photo shoot for “The North Face”, which explains why they’re all dressed in the brand!





According to the the lucky fans, the boys were supposed to transfer to Queenstown for the photo shoot, yet the flight was cancelled due to the terrible weather; thus they had to wait at Auckland Airport longer than expected.

Although there is no further information on how long the boys are staying there, VIPs in New Zealand, you might be able to run into the boys on the street!

Source: Baidu, 0125_ (fan photos, autographs)