Dong Hyun Bae, the older brother of Big Bang’s Taeyang, will make his play-acting debut through the play, “Scent of Chrysanthemums,” it was reported on October 30.

Dong Hyun Bae’s role in the play is reported to be “multi-man,” as he will be responsible for nine different roles, including that of the radio DJ, audition contestant, sunbae oppa, producer, husband, music producer, hairdresser, grandfather, and doctor. “Scent of Chrysanthemums” is a play based on the novel under the same title. It will play from November 3 to December 30 at the NH Art Hall in Seoul.

Dong Hyun Bae, in fact, made a brief appearance on Big Bang T.O.P’s upcoming movie, “Alumni.” We haven’t seen much of Dong Hyun Bae’s acting yet, but based on his looks, we see great potential in him. How do you like Dong Hyun Bae?