Big Bang TaeYang reveals the process of how he got till today from
when he was a tone-deaf and body-deaf individual before debut. [In
other words, he was not good at music and body building]

TaeYang revealed that before he had the dream to be a singer, he has
almost no capability at dancing. It can be seen that much hard work and
effort was put in to produce that level of dance skills and powerful
vocal which he put up for his solo debut song ‘Look Only At Me’.

He joined the filming of hiphop group Jinusean’s MV as a child
actor, and after that, he had wanted to be a singer and had approached
Yang Hyun Seok personally for that.

TaeYang is also known for his sexy image even though he had not
previous love relationships with females. But TaeYang’s popularity was
great even before his debut. From middle school, there were many girls
and fans who had gone to see him during weekends. He even had male fans
since then.

And he is close to fellow member GDragon. A pastor to TaeYang during
his middle school said, “If JiYoungie is the brave general, YongBae is
top soldier, the 2 have a very special relationship. It is not totally
like brother’s relationship for them.”

Meanwhile, more of TaeYang’s debut story will be revealed through
‘Star The Secret – Big Bang edition’ to be aired on 16th September.