Sadly due to the situation with Daesung, Big Bang will not be returning as a group until they are once again together as five. So promotions from them will slowly stop, but there are still some promotions left that we can enjoy, including a very colorful CF!

Big Bang (minus Daesung) recently had CF photos taken for Sparklingade, and what else can we say about the concept other than it is very bright and cheerful! Big Bang are always showing their bright personalities, so the addition of such bright colors makes them stand out even further.

As well as a few group shots, there are solo poses and some fun graphics to liven up some pictures. They all look very colorful and stylish (cue the song “Stylish,”) but TOP the most stands out with his incredibly flamboyant and impressive style. In such a judgmental world, not many men could pull off a giant flower like that on their clothes and still look so manly; kudos to him!

For now enjoy this great CF, (which one is your favorite?) and look forward to the return of Big Bang in 2012 with Daesung.

Source: iBigBang