Back in May, Big Bang’s maknae Seungri revealed on Mnet’s “Beatles Code” that G-Dragon currently is ranked No.1 in the Copyright Association, yet it was recently confirmed by an official that this is just an exaggeration. 

According to what Seungri mentioned on Mnet’s “Beatles Code” back on May 12th, G-Dragon has 120 songs registered under the Copyright Association and his copyright income is currently the highest in Korea, even ranking higher than composer Cho Young Soo who is considered the “hit maker” in the Korean music industry. Cho has produced for many signers including SG Wannabe, See Ya, and Orange Caramel.

An official from the Korean Music Copyright Association revealed in a phone call with Star Daily News, “It is not true that G-Dragon is ranked No.1 in copyright income. The topic was such a hot issue, yet the claim is confirmed to be exaggerated after some research.” 

He added, “The detailed information regarding copyrights cannot be revealed since there is no way of knowing the exact income of each copyright holder.”

It was found that composer Cho Young Soo currently has 426 songs registered under the Copyright Association, while G-Dragon has 107.