As Big Bang’s fifth anniversary and the leader G-Dragon’s birthday are approaching, which are on August 19th and 18th respectively, he delivered a heartwarming message through a handwritten letter to all the fans.


The translation is as follow:

Hello VIP ^^

It has been a while… how have you been?

I should have been writing letters more often, but I only kept on saying it, sorry…

It’s almost Big Bang’s fifth anniversary, and my birthday is coming closer as well.

I would like to thank you all who have been looking forward to it with me, and send me wishes~ really!

If I think about it, I always receive so much love and congratulating messages on my birthday… But this year, I am thinking about doing something good with deep meaning to celebrate my birthday and our fifth anniversary… thus I am trying to write my shy thoughts in this letter with my ugly handwriting.

I know how our fans have been doing angelic good deeds in our names. (I did meet a lot of fantastic fans!? Keke~)

But this time I would like to repay all of you, in the names of VIPs.

That’s why I am asking you a favor this time. For my birthday this time, I will kindly decline any kind of presents. I’m happy enough with all your lovely hearts, so just wish me happy birthday, send me many congratulations with your warm heart and no more! ^^

From now on, I hope this would be a special day for us to share meaningful time and make good memories… and now with a happy mind, I’m saying my “Last Farewell”~

I don’t wanna be without you VIP~

As the leader of Big Bang, forever, I will work hard every day to show you the better and mature me!

So take care in this hot weather, and don’t cheat!


Isn’t he super sweet?! Let’s wish him a happy birthday!