Big Bang members G-Dragon, T.O.P., Seungri and Taeyang  had an interview when they were in Singapore for the “Korean Music Wave 2011” concert, and revealed some of their upcoming plans.

Each member briefly talked about what they are up to, and it seemed like they really enjoyed the interview and joked around with each other.

On G-Dragon’s case, he revealed that he traveled to Japan “to see if there were any good songs” that could fit his project and still he’s looking forward to any upcoming opportunities.

Taeyang revealed that he went to the US “to establish connections with good producers and to see if there was an opportunity to work with The Underdogs”, and at the same time, T.O.P. joked about making a song collection for “The Overdogs” [contrary to The Underdogs], which brought laughs over the studio.

T.O.P. declared that for the moment, there aren’t any projects for dramas or movies but if a great opportunity comes up, he’ll definitely take it. G-Dragon declared how surprised they all were at T.O.P.’s performance as an actor and said: “We expect a lot more from him now”, to which Taeyang said: “Best Movie I have ever seen” regarding T.O.P.’s movie 71: Into the Fire.

For Seungri, he instead of revealing any projects, joked about “Setting up a website to find songs” to which T.O.P. said: “He changed his job and now he collects songs” and Seungri continued: “There aren’t much responses online” making G-Dragon state: “He doesn’t require any royalties” and Seungri said: “Please give me a lot of songs!”, and everybody couldn’t just stop laughing at his jokes.

Finally, he was asked if he was under a lot of stress for being the maknae, making T.O.P. interrupt him and say: “The rest of us are more stressed than him!” and Seungri started talking in english saying: “So, so many stress, so many stress” creating a huge laugh response that couldn’t just stop.

The sweetest thing is that the boys kept on stressing that they’ll be back as Big Bang, all five of them. I’m sure they will keep their promise and be back as a full group.

Source: via [email protected]