On October 16, YG Entertainment revealed a photo that shows Big Bang’s Seungri holding up a sign that reads, “Don’t Hate Me,” the same poster Psy was seen with just two days ago.

The photo, titled “Psy -> Seungri,” has an arrow in between the two stars, with both of them holding up the same sign, giving the idea of Psy relaying the message of “Don’t Hate Me” to Seungri.

“We can’t reveal the exact meaning behind ‘Don’t Hate Me’ or who the next person holding up the sign is going to be at this point, but fans will find out soon,” YG Entertainment said.

As always is the case with YGE, it’s never easy to guess what they plan on doing with their next promotion. This mysterious “Don’t Hate Me” message relay campaign is also shaping up to be one of those guessing games for the fans, but it sure is serving its purpose of creating viral effect and extra publicity.

What do you think this “Don’t Hate Me” campaign is about?