It was reported earlier that YGE has hinted all members of Big Bang, besides Daesung, are currently preparing solo albums, and whoever is ready first will have his comeback first. It seems like the four members are now racing with each other, including our cute maknae Seungri!

Through Taeyang’s twitter, we knew he was working with the famous American R&B producer duo, The Underdogs; and it was revealed that G-Dragon went to Japan to collect songs and work with some Japanese producers. So what does Seungri have for us? 

Through a picture uploaded by songwriter/producer Choi Pil Kang (PK), Seungri is seen working with him and another producer, DEE.P, in the studio; they were the two worked with Seungri for his VVIP mini album. With the caption says “Faces of enjoying works we love”, it appears that the three have gathered once again for Seungri’s next album.

So GD went to Japan, Taeyang went to LA, and Seungri stays in Korea….now I’m just curious, where is T.O.P. gonna go for his album?!

Source:baidu/Seungri China