Awesome news for Big Bang fans! The maknae will be releasing a solo album real soon!

On July 29, YG Entertainment updated its official blog with the news. They are planning to release Seungri’s second mini-album on August 19. This will mark two years since he released his first solo album in January 2011.

Just like his first solo album, Seungri will be in charge of the creation of the album from composition, lyrics, and to producing. There will be six tracks on the album and the title track will be “I Have Something to Say.”

The director behind Big Bang’s “Blue,” “Bad Boy,” and “Monster” will be directing the music video for “I Have Something to Say.”

Seungri plans on promoting heavily within Korea until the end of September and will focus his energy in Japan after he releases his solo Japanese album on September 25.

Currently, G-Dragon and Taeyang are hard at work spending their time and pulling frequent all-nighters at the studio. It’s been revealed that they’re finishing up their respective albums and it could be done anytime soon.