Big Bang’s Seungri left words of encouragement to Korean students gearing up for their college entrance exams.

“People preparing for the exam, you have 100 days left now. Hope you do your best and get the highest possible score,” Seungri wrote on his me2day accouint on August 2nd. “’Good-looking’ college student is back. You are welcomed to Joongang University’s School of Acting. I got a new perm,” he added.

Netizens after seeing the photo commented, “I want to go to a school where the ‘good-looking’ college oppa is,” “I would love to go to a school where Seungri greets you,” and “Seungri’s all grown up now!”

In Korea, you have to take the annual college entrance exam in November. This year the exam falls on November 10th, which was 100 days away from the day this photo was posted. Seungri currently majors in acting at Joongang University.