One of Taeyang’s latest posts was in regards to American R&B artist Miguel’s song “Sure Thing”.  On these days, this kind of weather, I would like to recommend a song~ Miguel – sure thing. Ay! Check out this artist..! He is dope! :)”  In turn his shout-out caused a slew of fans to surf over to YouTube to check out the music video.  His recent musical suggestions even caused label-mate Minzy to reply as she lovingly referred to him as “Dong DJ”.

If that weren’t enough for followers of Taeyang, the soulful singer updated his Twitter, yet again, with additional two posts made within the span of a few hours.   Once again updating about his current musical selection, “Today’s sunlight is exceptionally warm!  Together with the music for today! de42 Beyonce- Love on Top”   There is a hint of irony to this choice since he had just finished working with Beyoncé’s producers, the Underdogs, not long ago.

After sharing his song choice for a warm, sunny day he made his second update soon after.  This one in particular is rather intriguing as he reveals, in English (as he further displays his English skills), what his plans were for the day.  “I’m working on a new song with Choice and Lydia. de42 It’s gonna be awesome!!”  Taeyang’s confidence in this pairing is justified as Choice 37 has worked on Big Bang songs in the past and Lydia, who is a member of America’s Best Dance Crew’s Quest Crew, co-produced and wrote fellow YG Family member Park Bom’s latest hit “Don’t Cry”.  The talented Taeyang is in, no doubt, good hands as he continues working on his solo, which according to recent reports appears to be another mini or full album, since he has a few songs under his belt already.  Who knows, at this rate Taeyang could possibly be the first member of Big Bang to release his new solo material.

Hearing all this, does it make you even more excited for Taeyang’s solo release?

Source: Tae Yang’s Official Twitter Account
Translation: [email protected] Bang Updates and huis[email protected]