Big Hit Entertainment will officially usher in the HYBE era, moving into their new building in Yongsan today.

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Big Hit Entertainment will be relocating its headquarters to the Yongsan Trade Center in Yongsan-gu, Seoul today. The office building has a total of 26 floors, 19 of which are above ground and seven below ground. The building offers over 60,000 square meters of space, and will house over 1,000 employees and executives.

The interior of the building will consist of three main sections: entertainment, office, and public welfare. In addition, there are plans for a museum to be built in the basement floors for fans and citizens to visit.

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HYBE’s building was designed to implement the company’s new culture and mission. Under the concept of “Hyper Nomad”, the building was designed for efficiency, expansion, and modular capability. The HYBE building hopes to be a place where employees can voluntarily gather, seating is not assigned, and room sizes can be freely modified based on the work required.

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At the top floor, there is a garden, auditorium, and café, all of which are designed to improve communication and thinking for HYBE’s employees. The garden is named “Comb”, houses over 200 birch trees, and holds the meaning that employees can comb through their tired mind, and neatly organize their thoughts.

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Back on March 19, Bang Si Hyuk announced Big Hit Entertainment’s official name change to HYBE, and introduced the company’s values, new building, and new structure.