YG Entertainment’s main artists have joined hands to help a good cause led by Jinusean’s Sean.

On March 20, Sean tweeted, “2NE1, the 21st member of the ’10,000 Won Miracle,’ has joined us to help fund the construction of a children’s hospital. Our 2NE1 cuties who are warm-hearted, too~They even went to volunteer with me~” with a photo taken with the group.

Moments later, he followed it up with photos with BIGBANG and Se7en, with the caption that read, “I feel encouraged with the help of my dongsaengs (juniors). BIGBANG just became the 15, 16, 17, 18, 19th member of the ’10,000 Won Miracle’ project.”

Sean and the Purumi Foundation are in charge of organizing the “10,000 Won Miracle” project, where 10,000 won (approximately $10 USD) is donated every day for a total amount of 3.65 million won annually to help fund the building of a mentally challenged children’s hospital.