It has been revealed that idol group Big Bang is preparing for a music video for their new song.

According to insiders, the group will be filming their music video from April 18 to the 20.

This music video will not be for a song that was previously released in their 5th mini albumAlive” this past February. In fact, it will be a completely new song being released to the public for the first time.

Many are curious as to why the group is releasing a new song and music video so soon. It hasn’t even been two months since their mini album “Alive” has been released. In addition, many are wondering why it will take three days to shoot one music video. With these many curiosities, the group is already drawing a lot attention.

Some people are even speculating that Big Bang will be releasing a special edition album with this new song as their main track.

Big Bang’s agency YG Entertainment spoke with Star News and confirmed that the group will be shooting a new music video. However, they stated that “At this point, we cannot disclose any further information on their new project.”

Big Bang’s 5th mini album songs such as “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” and “Bad Boy” have become top hits immediately after their release, once again proving the group’s popularity. Their music videos for these songs have also received record-breaking hits on YouTube from both domestic and international fans. In order to return the love they have received from their overseas fans, the group will be having their World Tour this year.

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