The love for Big Bang is reaching Southeast Asia. When they visited Vietnam for the first time, on April 14, Ho Chi Minh Airport was overflowing with Big Bang fans. This group of fans was the largest ever seen at the airport for welcoming a star from overseas.

Fans came several hours before their arrival and waited by the exit doors. With the rush of fans, the airport police was worried that an accident could happen. Instead of using the regular exits, Big Bang was led out through the emergency exits to their cars.

In Ho Chi Minh City, after news of Big Bang being part of a concert, fans placed welcoming placards throughout the city. It raised the excitement and anticipation for  their performance.

A multinational beverage company is sponsoring the concert that will have 18 other popular groups and singers perform besides Big Bang. It will be held outside with seating available for 30,000 people.

Before this, on April 9, Big Bang visited Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan for their promotion. Even then, 1,200 fans crowded inside the small airport and packed the place up. It became a cover story throughout Vietnam.