As reported earlier, BIGBANG recently filmed an episode of popular variety program, SBS’sRunning Man.” They made their grand appearance in a helicopter, each donning a red leather jacket. The regular members of “Running Man” arrived at the venue first; and after hearing the sound of a helicopter, one member couldn’t hide his shock, as he cried, “No way, are these guests coming in a helicopter?”

Once the guests got off their not-so-shabby ride, the regulars shouted, “It’s really BIGBANG!” upping the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming battle between BIGBANG and the “Running Man” team.

The battle for this week’s “Running Man” will be between the seven regular members of the show and the five members of BIGBANG. The regulars expressed their confidence by stating, “After our countless experiences, we have our know-hows,” BIGBANG countered, “We’re young,” drawing laughter from those on set.

SBS’s “Running Man,” featuring BIGBANG will air this Sunday, March 4, at 4:50PM KST.