When T.O.P is away, the other members of BIGBANG totally miss him!

On April 29, Taeyang shared a picture of the group sans T.O.P having a glass of wine to his Instagram account. In the caption, Taeyang wrote, “A toast for Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P’s real name). It’d be nice if he were here. I miss you, hyung.”

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At the same time, T.O.P shared a screencap from the group’s Kakaotalk chat room. G-Dragon sent T.O.P the picture, along with a message saying, “Let’s have a toast.” Taeyang added, “[The food here] is delicious~ I want to come here with you, hyung.” With the screencap, T.O.P wrote, “I miss you guys.”

Meanwhile, T.O.P is currently abroad, spending some time in Germany.

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