YG Entertainment’s Big Bang have arrived at Taiwan and have recieved a great reception from local fans, setting a record for the biggest crowd for a foriegn artist. Over 1200 fans had gathered at Taiwan’s Taoyuan airport on April 9 to welcome Big Bang. When they arrived, Big Bang were said to be amazed by the large crowds and greated their fans with a bright smile. A large quantity of fans present at the airport held placards asking Big Bang to hold a concert in Taiwan, with local broadcasters capturing every moment of this event and airing it in their respective news programs.

Big Bang then held an official press conference at the Taipei 101, attended by over 100 local journalists from various companies such as CTV, CTS, FTV, TTV etc. Big Bang remarked that “This is our first time visiting Taiwan but we didn’t think there would be this many fans. We were really surprised. We are holding a world tour this year and we will try to have a concert in Taiwan no matter what.”

During this press conference, Big Bang received a commemorative plaque from the CEO of Warner Music Asia for attaining platinum status on their 4.5 Special Edition Album and a double platinum for their “ALIVE” album. Fans present at the press conference also prepared a Happy Birthday song in Korean for Daesung, who’s birthday is on the 26th.

Big Bang’s “ALIVE” album has swept the various Taiwanese charts since it’s release in March and continues to be popular amongst local fans.