BIGBANG took 1st place on Billboard K-Pop charts two weeks in a row with their title song “Blue.” 

On Billboard’s chart that was revealed on March 16, BIGBANG’s title track “Blue” took the honor of placing 1st place in the K-Pop Hot 100 chart. The group proved its popularity by claiming this spot two weeks in a row. 

In addtion, their songs “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy,” and “Love Dust,” placed 2nd, 5th, and 8th respectively, making a total of four songs in the top 10. 

But that’s not all. Their 5th Mini Album even ranked 7th place in the World Album Chart. 

In the previous week, BIGBANG’s album was placed on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart. Out of the top 200, they were placed 150th. They are the first artist to secure a ranking on the Main Album chart with a Korean album. But unfortunately, they were unable to place in the top 200 two weeks in a row. 

Although they weren’t able to place in the Top 200 Albums Chart two weeks in a row, their accomplishments so far with this new album are still impressive. I’m sure VIP’s all over the world are proud.  

Congratulations, BIGBANG!