Main director for “2012 BIGBANG Alive Tour” concert, Laurieann Gibson, praised BIGBANG.

At a press conference that was held on Friday she started, “I’ve worked with a lot of artists before, but when I first saw BIGBANG, I knew there was something special about them.”

She continued, “I’m so touched that BIGBANG members are really young but still so passionate and hard-working. In case of G-Dragon and TOP, they are very natural and talented. Seungri is even younger but very strong. Daesung is so passionate that the phrase ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll star’ suits him well. And finally, Taeyang reminded me of Michael Jackson.”

Laurieann also talked about the concept of the concert: “’Alive’ is a concept that I got the inspiration from the BIGBANG members. I imagined the members go to MTV Award and receive awards as well. I’m thinking about focusing on carrying BIGBANG’s music out to the world. The vintage factor and futuristic factor that BIGBANG has will definitely help the group attract the whole world.”

Laurieann Gibson revealed, “I’ve worked before with Japan’s SMAP. In the end, I don’t feel any huge differences between BIGBANG and world stars. It’s sometimes difficult in terms of communications because of the language, but this is about music and dance, so there isn’t much of a problem.”

Furthermore, she added, “I’ve met other Korean artists through BIGBANG. Of course, I have plans to work with Korean or other Asian artists in the future. I’m happy to spread Live Nation in Korea through this concert.”

Laurieann Gibson previously created Lady GaGa’s numerous hit songs’ dance moves and lead “The Monster Ball Tour.” The stages and choreographies he directed are known to be always new and powerful.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is having a “2012 BIG SHOW-BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR” in a gymnastics stadium starting on March 2 for three days with the global performance agency, Live Nation.