A famous English singer, Pixie Lott, revealed her friendship with BIGBANG. On April 7, she wrote on her twitter, “sooooo excited its happening! “Dancing On My Own” with GD & TOP will be released WORLDWIDE soon!” Along with that message, a picture was attached.

In the picture, Pixie Lott is standing in the middle with members of BIGBANG on either side of her, minus Seungri. She is dressed in an extravagant floral print dress with a big smile on her face. She looks so happy to be with BIGBANG.

Recently, GD & TOP worked with Pixie Lott on her upcoming album. One of the songs on the album is “Dancing On My Own,” which features GD & TOP. The song has been garnering a lot of attention for its collaboration between the three of them. The album with the new song is going to be released worldwide near the end of this month.