Big Bang continues to mark milestones with their comeback. The five-member group’s music videos for their 2012 comeback album “ALIVE,” namely “Blue,” “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby,” all released less than a month ago, have all together surpassed 30 million YouTube hits.

As of the afternoon of March 22, “Blue,” the first track released from “ALIVE,” has achieved 15 million hits, while “Bad Boy” recorded eight million views and “Fantastic Baby” has 10 million. This achievement proves Big Bang’s popularity not only with Korean audiences but with fans overseas. Global fans are also active participants in the 2012 Big Bang Global Cover Contest, in which fans express their own emotions of Big Bang’s tracks.

Previously, Big Bang has placed on the US Billboard album chart and was mentioned in the website of the world’s most famous music awards, Grammy, building up Big Bang’s position as a frontrunner for K-Pop on the world stage.