The controversial building owned by BIGBANG‘s Daesung is being demolished.


It first went under scrutiny in July 2019 when Channel A discovered that it was being used as a home for prostitution and adult entertainment. It is now being demolished four months after the controversy arose.

In the past, there were many shops, but now there are no shops except a cafe on the first floor and a hospital on the third floor.

– Building Official


Daesung denied knowing the illegal activities were happening.

Daesung is only the building owner and he has nothing to do with the business operations. We are only aware of the businesses that provided a business license at the time of the building’s purchase.

– Daesung’s Real Estate Agent

Daesung purchased the Gangnam building in November 2017 before his military enlistment. He reportedly sold it after his controversy, although police investigations are still ongoing. He agreed to speed up the investigation after his military discharge.