A few weeks ago, we reported on BIGBANG earning gold medals on Youtube for their music video “Blue.” Well, they did it again. BIGBANG has been sweeping music charts with the release of their fifth mini album “Alive,” with title songs “Blue,” “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby.”

One week after the release of their music video “Fantastic Baby,” BIGBANG earned themselves another achievements to add to the list.

The music video for “Fantastic Baby” once again proved their tremendous popularity with over 8 millions views in just a week. The music video was awarded by Youtube, earning two gold medals of the “Recently Most Popular” and the “Trending” awards. The “Recently Most Popular (Gold)” medal is given to videos which have had high engagement over the past seven days, including views and likes, while the “Trending (Gold)” medal is given to the videos that have received huge attention over the last week and are currently seeing exceptional growth in viewership.

Back in February, BIGBANG also earned themselves two gold medals for their music video “Blue,” for having received over 8 millions views in less than a week. “Blue” won  the “Recently Most Popular (Gold)” and “Trending (Gold)” medals making it a total of four gold medals earned by BIGBANG since their comeback this past February.

Yang Hyun Suk stated regarding the popularity of BIGBANG on Youtube, “‘Fantastic Baby” seems to be BIGBANG’s most popular track. BIGBANG is finally back with their trademark sound with “Fantastic Baby,” which marks BIGBANG’s return to their electro sound already five years after the release of the popular “Last Farewell.”  We’re thrilled to have received such explosive response after so long.”

BIGBANG once again impressed with upgraded sound and style and filmed the music video for “Fantastic Baby” in an abandoned warehouse. The members each showed off a fierce and powerful image, bringing their image to yet another level.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is currently promoting their fifth mini album on music shows.

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