BIGBANG’s Seungri began his “Seungri 1st Solo Tour The Great Seungri Final in Seoul” concert on February 16 with a sincere apology to fans regarding the recent controversy surrounding the club Burning Sun.

In January, an incident involving physical violence occurred at Burning Sun, a club that was linked to Seungri’s name as the owner had brought him on as a consultant. The incident soon grew into a controversy as claims of sexual assault, hidden cameras, and drug usage began to emerge, all of which are currently under investigation by the police. YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri himself released official statements regarding the matter, and then Burning Sun’s CEO stepped forward to apologize. It was stated that Seungri had never gotten involved in the management side of the club, and was only there as a consultant.

Before his concert started on February 16, Seungri decided to open up about the issue and apologize to fans. He began by stating, “I wish to speak about the recent controversy. I feel like if I don’t, the people who have come today will feel uncomfortable. I am very apologetic to all those who care for me. I’m sorry for causing disappointment for so many people, and I am reflecting on what has happened.”

He continued to state, “Despite there being a controversy, I did not act in a responsible manner. Despite the fact that the controversy took place in a location that I have publicly spoken about, I did not act in a responsible way and for that, I am ashamed and regretful. It is all due to my negligence.”

Seungri said, “As I am a celebrity, I will think and act more carefully from now on. I want to apologize for not showing modesty and for acting carelessly. For the past year, I have been doing my best to bring you all happiness. But I have brought you disappointment, and for that, I am ashamed. I want to apologize once again, and I will take all of your words to heart.”

He finished with a promise that he will do his best during the concert. He said, “I’ve put a lot of preparation into this. I will be grateful if you can enjoy the concert. I think that would make me feel like all my work was worth it.”

Seungri is currently on what will be his last tour before he enlists in the military. He has already met with fans in Hong Kong, Manila, and Tokyo, and following the concert in Seoul, he will be traveling to Singapore, Osaka, and Jakarta to meet with fans.

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