Hyori has a big heart. It’s been revealed that last month, Hyori gave her manager – who has lived with and worked with her for the past six years – a big gift of a $30,000 luxury sedan. Hyori’s manager has been with her from the beginning as her road manager when she was with her first company, DSP Media. Since then, Hyori has worked with Mnet Media and is now working with B2M Entertainment – and her manager has been by her side through it all. It would be safe to say that he has spent the most time with Hyori out of anybody.

A representative of B2M Entertainment commented: “Hyori has always been very caring and loyal to the staff she works with. She said that her road manager’s car was getting old and would buy him a new one. She took his preferences into consideration and picked out the car herself.”

Hyori’s heart for her “family” was also revealed when she moved to her current company. She said no to a $100,000 contract and signed with B2M Entertainment – a company that was built by her managers from her FinKL times – for no money up front.

Although we’ve only been able to see Hyori in various commercials recently, she will come back to the stage
on the 26th as an MC for MBC’s 2010 University Music Festival.



Source: IS News via Naver