Bang Shi Hyuk, the CEO of BigHit Entertainment and the producer behind BTS, has shared the reason that he’d rather not be called the father of the group.

At a press conference for the “2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour The Final” concert on December 10, Bang Shi Hyuk expressed his thoughts on frequently being referred to as the father of BTS.

Asking that people refrain from using the nickname, he explained, “Artists are not created by another individual. The moment that someone calls me [BTS’s] father or dad, BTS becomes a product, and I become someone who created a product. It doesn’t go with my philosophy, so I find it somewhat uncomfortable.”

He added jokingly, “I’m still unmarried. But because everyone keeps calling me [BTS’s] father, it makes things difficult for my family. People also think I’m married. Please help out this bachelor.”

Bang Shi Hyuk recently received the presidential commendation award at the 2017 Korea Content Awards for his work with BTS.

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