BigHit Entertainment has addressed the recent death threats made against BTS’s Jimin.

Earlier this month, an anonymous Internet user posted a threat online that described plans to shoot Jimin at BTS’s upcoming sold-out concert in Fort Worth, Texas, which is scheduled to take place on September 16. The Fort Worth police confirmed in a Twitter post on May 10 that it was aware of and currently investigating the threat.

On May 13, BigHit Entertainment confirmed that it was also taking the threat seriously. “The company is aware of the matter,” stated the agency. “Regardless of the authenticity of the threats, we plan to do our utmost and take all necessary measures in responding to actions that may threaten the safety of the [BTS] members and their fans.”

Referring to a similar threat made against Jimin in March of last year, BigHit Entertainment remarked, “There was a similar case in the past. We made meticulous, thorough preparations back then as well, and the matter was resolved without any actual incident.”

The company added, “We plan to prepare while keeping a close eye on the situation.”

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