After School’s Uee is currently showing off her healthy and beautiful body through “Bottom Missing” fashion. (Now “Bottom Missing” is a word used in Korean entertainment/fashion for any clothing that is extremely short, or for fashion when it appears that *usually* a female is wearing an outfit that makes her look like she’s not wearing any shorts etc.)

On the episode of “Birdy Buddie” that was broadcast on August 15th Uee caught a lot of attention with her fashion.

Netziens have written, “Looking at Uee’s healthy body makes me feel good,” “Uee is the prettiest when she shows her lively side.

Uee plays a character that has a rural background, but goes through different hardships in order to become a golfing goddess. Her character will feature Uee’s positive and bright energy. The PD of “Birdie Buddy” stated that “The whole staff was surprised at her acting abilities.”