Birdie Buddy is based on a Korean comic book series and will have its first broadcast on August 8th. The drama is Uee’s first where she stars as the main character. The production team behind the drama worked on “Boys Over Flowers” and “Palace.”

Uee plays a character that has a rural background, but goes through different hardships in order to become a golfing goddess. Her character will feature Uee’s positive and bright energy. The PD of “Birdie Buddy” stated that “The whole staff was surprised at her acting abilities.”

The computer graphics featured in this drama is supposed to catch a lot of attention. The golf drama will feature a lot of clips showing golf balls flying which was made with computer graphics.

Also, another feature of the drama will be the golf fashion. Uee is already known as having a beautiful figure and the different golf designer clothing is supposed to accentuate her beauty. One fun part of the drama will be seeing the different golf wear fashion that Uee will be wearing.

This drama will be broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 11pm.