The extremely high demand for DBSK concert tickets in Japan had led to black market prices soaring to over ten times the original price, up to a staggering 1.5 million Won (1,300 USD.)

Tickets to all of next year’s tour dates were put up for sale last month, selling out in less than a minute. Fans who were not able to purchase tickets officially have resorted to black market sellers, who sell higher than the average 130,000 won (115 USD) price. Initially, these tickets went on sale for around 700,000 won (600 USD), but prices have since risen to over 1.5 million won.

Even with black market tickets for sale, the demand for DBSK concert tickets continues to rise, to the point where fans are now asking for additional dates, “Please have an additional performance for DBSK at Tokyo Dome”, “It’s not enough to just have an arena tour”, “I want to see DBSK. Please sell your tickets to me.”

DBSK’s 14-date “Live Tour 2010 ~TONE~” kicks off in mid-January of 2012, with two nights at the Yokohama Arena.