It was recently revealed that the girl group member who was accused of borrowing ₩50,000,000 KRW ($44,800 USD) from a man, only to cut off communications with him afterward, is Black Swan‘s Hyeme.

| DR Music

According to the accuser, Hyeme accepted financial help from him after they met on social media and even got to know each other in an offline setting.

| DR Music

But Hyeme clarified through her agency that the accusations are false.

The reports claim we met on social media. But the truth is, he was someone who gave me lots of star balloons (money) during my time as a Afreeca BJ, and as a way to thank him for the support, I met up with him.

— Hyeme

Hyeme claimed that financial support was mainly voluntary on his part in return for other favors.

Besides borrowing ₩5.00 million KRW (about $4,470 USD), he voluntarily gave me money. In return, he came to my house without notice and violated my personal life, but I never agreed to his sexual requests.

— Hyeme


Regarding her avoidance of the man, Hyeme explained that she only did it out of fear due to his requests for sexual favors.

I was scared of him continuing to ask to sleep with me or asking to meet. I never avoided him to scam him.

— Hyeme

Black Swan’s agency, DR Music stated that they will take strong legal action so that the irresponsible and malicious accusation doesn’t end up hurting the group.

| DR Music

However, Hyeme’s Instagram account has been switched to private, and the group has temporarily halted their promotions not long after their debut.