The members of BLACKPINK are all gorgeous in their own unique ways — and they all have something that can make you a little jealous at times. According to a K-Netizen’s online community post, here are the best physical features of each member that will leave you in awe of their beauty!

1. Jennie

Jennie is well-known for her prominent, angular shoulders.

They have a right angle and give her upper body a stunning appearance.

With this body type, she can make any kind of top look flattering.


Her clavicle line is also visible, giving her a dainty effect.

With a narrow chest, her angular shoulders contrast against it and give her a gorgeous body shape.

It also gives her a beautiful appearance on stage!


2. Jisoo

Jisoo is praised for her feminine body type with wider hips.


She has slightly more muscle than the other members.

This gives her a healthy and strong appearance.

Sometimes, she even shows off her toned core muscles.

Both Jisoo’s figure and her visuals are coveted by many!


3. Rosé

Rosé is known for her slim and slender body type.

It gives her a gentle atmosphere.

Even in real life, it’s easy to spot the difference between her and the average person.

She makes clothes look soft and pretty and with her petite figure.


She’s totally fairy-like. From the way she looks…


…to the way she moves!

4. Lisa

Lisa has the perfect body ratio.


She’s very slim with long, straight limbs.

This gives her a beautiful body line when she’s dancing.

Her model-like body proportions are shocking in real life.

In addition, she also has a very small face.

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Altogether, she’s the total package!