For as long as any K-Pop fan can remember, boy groups have dominated the lists of million-sellers in South Korea. But now, for the first time in Korean chart history, BLACKPINK, IZ*ONE, and TWICE have broken a new record, becoming the first trio of girl groups to exceed 1 million sales in the same year.

BLACKPINK made huge waves for girl groups this year with their highly anticipated debut studio album, aptly titled The Album. After smashing first week sales records, the group quickly became the first Korean girl group in history to surpass 1 million sales with just one album.

| YG Entertainment

By the end of 2020, BLACKPINK racked up a staggering 1,725,000 sales in total.

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Before BLACKPINK’s album dropped, IZ*ONE became the girl group record-holder for highest first week album sales with BLOOM*IZ early in 2020. They went on to release another two albums last year: Oneiric Diary and One-Reeler, both of which sold incredibly well.

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Taking the sales from all three albums into account, IZ*ONE reached 1,545,00 sales in 2020.

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And last but certainly not least, TWICE had plenty of chart dominating moments of their own this year. Prior to the release of The Album, they became the girl group sales record holders with More & More. They’re also the girl group with the highest total album sales in history.

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Between More & More and Eyes Wide Open last year, TWICE sold 1,300,000 albums in total.

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With all the groups exceeding 1 million sales in 2020, this marks the first time ever that three girl groups have become million-sellers in the same year! Thanks to the pioneering success of BLACKPINK, IZ*ONE, and TWICE, K-Pop girl groups are sure to set even more impressive records in 2021.