BLACKPINK are often switching up their styles whether it be a new hair style or totally different clothing. And, it’s the same with their handbags.

blackpink jennie

After fans gathered Lisa‘s handbag collection, they’ve gathered Jennie‘s. And, it’s just as impressive, if not more, than Lisa’s. The most expensive one in her collection is the $9,000 collaboration between Chanel and Pharrell, whose event BLACKPINK attended.

blackpink jennie handbag collection 3

Following that collection, two Chanel Hobo Bags worth $4,500 each are the next expensive. And, the Chanel bag Jennie wears above is worth $3,000.

blackpink jennie handbag collection

blackpink jennie handbag collection

If you want to try out Jennie’s style though, the least expensive bags she owns are two Zara ones priced at $29.99 and $35.90.

blackpink jennie handbag collection

The total of her collection is more than $127,710, and that’s only from what fans have gathered. It’s more than Lisa’s estimated total, but there’s no telling how much both of their collections are truly worth.

blackpink jennie lisa

If you want to see every single handbag in Jennie’s collection, including fan gifts, check it out here.