Back before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, BLACKPINK was regularly touring the world, visiting many different countries and performing their hit songs in front of fans.

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During a V Live celebrating the group’s 3rd year anniversary, Jennie revealed the hardest part about touring.

Lisa thought she would say “time differences”, but she gave a more unexpected answerpacking their luggage!


According to Jennie, she struggled with having to pack her belongings every time they transferred hotels: “When we were on tour, that was the most difficult thing—packing our luggage“.


They moved so frequently, in fact, that it didn’t occur every few days but every single day: “Each day, we went to a different hotel“.


Unfortunately, they were unable to avoid forgetting a few items. Jennie mentioned losing a shirt every time they transferred hotels.

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Luckily, the girls are ambassadors of various clothing brands, so it likely isn’t too tragic to lose a few clothing pieces!