BLACKPINK‘s “How You Like That” era was iconic for so many reasons—it was their first comeback since “Kill This Love,” their hanbok outfits made headlines, and the song was hard-hitting and cool.

blackpink hanbok

Besides these, one of the most memorable aspects was arguably Jennie‘s hairstyle. Dubbed the “hairband bangs” by Korean netizens, it was a two-toned style with blonde front bangs set amidst brown hair.

Fans and even celebrities from all over the world were inspired by this trend!

Despite its simple aesthetic, it wasn’t easy for Jennie to get this look. In a new video by Sunbae TV, BLACKPINK‘s hairstylist, Cha Cha, detailed the stressful situation surrounding it.

As Jennie usually chooses dark colors for her hair, going from brown to blonde—even just a small portion of her hair—was notably difficult.

Usually Jennie does dark, ash tone colored hair, so it was very hard to put highlights on her.

— Cha Cha

The process was a long one! The salon took their time going from one color to the next, adding treatment so as to not completely damage the idol’s hair.

It took two days to bleach out the color. We would bleach the hair then do treatment. Over and over again.

— Cha Cha

After it all, Cha Cha revealed, “It took a total of 18 hours to get the iconic highlights.”

jennie hair

It was worth it when seeing the impact Jennie made! Check out the full video below for more stylist secrets.