BLACKPINK held a fansign event where they had all sorts of fun with their fans, and Rosé even discovered a new talent. But one fan brought something special just for Jennie and Lisa.

blackpink jennie lisa

The fan brought a fake marriage license with both of their full names written on it. When Jennie saw it, she laughed and even flipped it around to really have a look at it.

blackpink jennie 1

Before the fan had reached her, Lisa’s signature had already been placed where it needed to be. So, Jennie followed her lead and granted the fan’s wish by signing her name as well.

blackpink marriage license lisa jennie

Their staff could’ve easily taken away the fake document because of what it was, but they were allowed to autograph it as usual.

Jennie was entertained by the fan’s creative idea and most likely Lisa as well, and the fan now has a special memento they’ll never forget.

blackpink jennie