BLACKPINK‘s Jennie looks gorgeous in pink! Who can deny that she’s runway-ready in every type of clothing, from casual to cool to everything in between?

If you ever wanted to copy her style, check out how much you’ll need below!

1. A Sexy Robe

jennie cute
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

First up, Jennie brought out her sexy side when she wore Chanel‘s “Cashmere Dress.” It costs an arm and a leg at $6,500 USD!

chanel jennie1
| Chanel

Her bag wasn’t much cheaper at £3,210 GPB or around $4,480 USD. It is, after all, the iconic “Mini Flap Bag” from the same brand.

jennie bag
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

chanel min flap

2. A Casual Cardigan

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

Casual clothes sure are pricey when they’re from luxury fashion brands! As the face of Chanel, Jennie embodies their classic style, as proven when she looked stunning in this cashmere $4,250 USD “Pink Cardigan.”

chanel cardigan1

She added a touch of cuteness with the quilted pink “Gabrielle Backpack.” Like all Chanel items, it runs in the thousands at $3,200 USD.

chanel quilted

She was prettier than all of the cherry blossoms surrounding her!

chanel backpack jennie
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

3. A Sweet Shirt

jennie on the ground

Speaking of adorable, we can’t forget about her Instagram story promoting Rosé‘s solo “On The Ground.” She was sweeter than strawberries in an OMIGHTY “Strawberry Fresh Top.” It’s undoubtedly the most affordable piece of clothing on this list at $55 USD.

omighty jennie

She’s Rosé’s top fan, and definitely one of the best dressed ones!

4. A Dainty Dress

jennie vogue
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

Last but certainly not the least, one of Jennie’s most recent pink outfits was worn during the special Vogue Korea March 2021 issue. She was the definition of elegance and sophistication in her Chanel “Silk Georgette Dress” which retails for $2,700 USD.

silk dress chanel

It certainly contributed to her ethereal look!

jennie vogue2
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

Jennie’s a fashion icon for sure!

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