BLACKPINK‘s visual queen Jisoo is gaining attention for pulling off heavy-set bangs absolutely perfectly!

jisooo bangs 5
| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Jisoo recently shot a pictorial for Dior, and netizens are really feeling her hair styling in these pictures! With dark, smokey makeup, Jisoo rocks the long, straight hair and heavy-set bangs like no other, and is again proving why she’s such a famed visual!

jisooo bangs 2
| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

jisooo bangs 4
| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Fans also compared her heavy, straight bangs with the lighter bangs she’s rocked in the past, and pointed out how with the thinner bangs, she gave off a much more youthful, fresh look…

jisooo bangs 7

jisooo bangs 8

jisooo bangs 9

…and also pointed out that now, with a different kind of styling, Jisoo gives off a more mature feeling! But one thing they all agree with is that Jisoo with bangs is an iconic look!

jisooo bangs 1
| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

jisooo bangs 6
| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Who wouldn’t fall for this queen!?

jisooo bangs 3
| @sooyaaa__/Instagram