BLACKPINK recently guested on Knowing Bros, making a huge splash with their appearance. Not only did they rock the school uniform look, they also shared lots of fun anecdotes with fans. Jisoo in particular, shared this one thing that she does without fail, before important photoshoots!


She began by saying this was something that no other member can ever do.

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One of the cast made a smart guess, asking if it was to sleep right before the shoot. This is as sleeping for long periods of time can result in one’s face bloating.

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Seo Jang Hoon then furthered the guess by claiming Jisoo would eat instant ramyun before shoots so her face would appear fuller in photos.

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Surprisingly, he got the right answer!

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Jisoo explained that her face is on the slimmer side compared to the other members. In order to create a cute and youthful image, she would eat ramyun before shoots. Known for its high sodium content, sleeping right after eating such salty foods will result in face bloat. This is one of the reasons why idols are prohibited from eating ramyun.

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Jennie herself once shared on Michuri that it was the first time she was eating ramyun in years. Lucky Jisoo!

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On the other hand, Jennie shared that she was the type to bloat even just by drinking water. As a result, she is strict on herself before important shoots and controls her diet strictly. Lisa shared that for her, she takes power naps to conserve energy for shoots.

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Rosé agreed with Jennie, claiming that she also restricts intake before important shoots. She does not eat the night before in order to look her best. On the other hand, she absolutely must have a proper meal before stage performances, or she will not have the energy to dance.

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Regardless of if it is a performance or a photoshoot, the girls of BLACKPINK always show how dedicated they are to perfection! They indeed deserve to be the top stars that they already are today. Catch the full clip below.