BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was chosen as the face of For A Day Michaa‘s 2021 Summer Collection. The brand previously teased the partnership on their Instagram account, later releasing the photos on W Concept‘s page on May 6.

The pictorial captures Jisoo in everyday settings with different outfits and vibes. Check them out below!

1. With a full skirt

First of all, vintage fashion fits her perfectly! Her all-white outfit and props contributed to the photo’s throwback atmosphere.

| W Concept  

| W Concept

2. With everyday jeans

You can just imagine Jisoo being a guest over at your house!

| W Concept

3. With blue and white clothes

If you ever want to hang out with Jisoo in your backyard, she’s ready!

| W Concept

4. With a black jumpsuit

When she wore a full black jumpsuit, she gave off pure “girl boss” energy.

| W Concept

5. With lace and class

Jisoo was classy from head to toe in their “Crochet Lace Dress.”

| W Concept

6. With a knit dress

She was the pinnacle of elegance in a striped knit dress pictured outdoors.

| W Concept

| W Concept 

7. With a half-sleeve mini dress

Can you imagine having Jisoo as your next door neighbor? Even just watering plants, she looks stunning.

| W Concept

8. With a tweed skirt

Simple, cute, and trendy outfits emphasize her top-notch visuals.

| W Concept

9. With a denim vest

Who says Jisoo can’t be edgy? In a pearl stud denim vest, her charisma overflows!

| W Concept

10. With a skateboard

Last but certainly not the least, Jisoo’s the prettiest skater around!

| W Concept

| W Concept

Girl-next-door vibes? Check. Girlfriend vibes? Check! In every single photo and outfit, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo looks out of this world!