BLACKPINK‘s Lisa moved from Thailand to Korea at a young age to become a trainee. While things were initially tough for her, she eventually adjusted thanks to her fellow members.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa sharing how the members helped her when she was a trainee

During BLACKPINK’s guest appearance on MBC FM4U‘s radio program Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’clock Date, Jisoo shared what Lisa was like when they first met.

lisa jiso2
BLACKPINK’s Lisa (Left) & Jisoo (Right)

Jisoo shared that Lisa has always been a kind person and that her personality is the same as when she first met her.

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Even back when Lisa wasn’t fluent in Korean, she still would initiate conversations with the members.

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The main thing that’s “changed” about Lisa is that she’s now fluent in Korean. Jisoo revealed that Lisa is usually the one who calls and orders food since she’s better at doing it than her.

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This isn’t the only way Lisa assists Jisoo, as when they go ride the subway, Lisa would often tell Jisoo, “Unnie, I told you that’s not the right way!

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The members truly are like sisters to each other!


Here’s the full video below!