BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has another tremendous achievement under her belt! As of April 10, she reached 50.1 million followers on Instagram, the first K-Pop star to do so. Her fellow BLACKPINK members have the next most number of followers in the industry, with Jennie at 43 million followers and Jisoo and Rosé tied at 39 million.

The main dancer’s meteoric rise to the top took only 34 months to achieve! To celebrate Lisa’s record, check out some of her most popular Instagram posts this year.

1. 6.1 Million Likes

First up, it’s not strange sight for Lisa to have over 6 million likes. Both her birthday post and a photo from her solo in THE SHOW made it to the club.

lisa bday


2. 6.2 Million Likes

Just a hundred thousand more likes and you have a backstage photo of “THE MOVIE” from Lisa’s YouTube channel.

lisa the movie

If you’re a BLINK, you probably saw her dance performance on Lilifilm Official.

3. 6.4 million likes

THE SHOW was an online concert filled with killer clothing! Lisa’s February 4 post is the perfect example of her looking as stunning as always.

lisa ig

4. 6.5 Million Likes

Black haired Lisa with simple clothes is something else! The straightforward photo had an eye-watering 6.5 million likes.


5. 6.6 million likes

Lisa’s advertisements with brands like Penshoppe and Celine were able to garner an astounding 6.6 million likes.

lisa penshoppe

lisa c

6. 6.7 Million Likes

Lisa in a bun and all black outfit is peak elegance! No wonder it had 6.7 million likes.

lisa yg

When it comes to unique photos, one that stood out the most was focused on her shirt, with “I ❤️ to make boys cry” written on it.

lisa shirt

7. 6.8 Million Likes

A relaxed Lisa with a cherry blossoms background is the definition of beautiful! Fans loved it too as it got 6.8 million likes.


8. 6.9 Million Likes

A few hours before THE SHOW premiered, Lisa hyped up BLINKs with a classy black and white photo.

the show

9. 7 Million Likes

There’s definitely a trend here! Several of Lisa’s most famous posts are from BLACKPINK’s online concert, such as this “Sour Candy” picture with 7 million likes.

lisa sour candy

10. 7.4 Million Likes

Of course, her heart-stopping attire in “Say So” was taken perfectly in her second most liked post.

lisa solo

11. 8 Million Likes

Finally, Lisa’s most popular Instagram content of 2021 as of writing is her January 26 behind-the-scenes picture from THE SHOW. She wrote as her caption, “BLACKPINK: THE SHOW livestream on YouTube,” and it surprisingly garnered 8 million likes!

lisa the show

With her relaxed outfit and “no makeup-makeup” look, it was one for the books!

lisa the show2

In total, Lisa has 14 posts that have over 6 million likes this 2021! Congratulations, Lisa!