BLINKs love getting love from BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, but her “special guest”? Not so much!

Lego and Lisa | Youth With You 3/iQIYI

In the latest episode preview for Youth With You 3, a Chinese male group survival show, Lisa introduced a special guest who fans already know and love: her cat, Lego!

| Youth With You 3/iQIYI 

Lego is the “baby” of Lisa’s 5-cat family, introduced to fans in February as an adorable kitty. Her other four cats are LeoLucaLily, and Louis.


This fur-baby has done a lot of growing up in the past few months. He’s a strong, independent feline who knows what he wants — and what he does not. 

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram 

When Lisa went in for a smooch…

| Youth With You 3/iQIYI 

…Lego said, no thanks! (Not in public, Mom. Sheesh.)

| Youth With You 3/iQIYI

The look on Lisa’s face is one that all cat parents can relate to!