In the latest Lili’s Film vlog, Lisa and Jisoo met up for a long-overdue date with just the two of them. They ate an array of Thai food for their lunch picnic, talking about how long it’s been since they met up.

Afterwards, they did something both of them love: shopping! As the vlog proved, they’re a fun pair to hang out with! Their first order of business was to check out sunglasses wherein Lisa personally picked out one that she thought would look good on Jisoo.

Jisoo tried on the chosen pair right away and and pretended to strut around the store as if it were a runway.

They both picked out thin specs next, and the compliments kept on coming as they told each other they looked “smart” in them!

Yeah, you do look smart!

— Jisoo

Once they finished looking at glasses, they visited a clothing store. Lisa immediately gravitated towards a rack of jeans, one of her favorite articles of clothing.

There are jeans! I really like jeans.

— Lisa

She told fans that she has many pairs of the same design, and sure enough, one look at her Instagram page proves her statement to be true!

I have a lot of jeans that look like this.

— Lisa

As if it were meant to be, she found one in a cute color that was exactly her size. Jisoo urged her to buy it as it was right up her alley.

Lisa: Wow, this color is really pretty.

Jisoo: It’s really cute. It’s even size 24! I think it goes well with the top you’re wearing.

The two even paused the vlog for a few minutes to focus on shopping together!

Guys, we’re just going to do some shopping, and we will be back in ten minutes. Good bye!

— Lisa

There’s no boring part when it comes to their shopping sprees!

Check out the full video below!