BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently released a new dance video “The Movie” and it was absolutely flawless! Of course, with her amazing talent, Lisa grabbed the attention of many! Including singer Destiny Rogers!

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Lisa added her amazing new dance video to her series LILI’s FILM series on February 12 and has already gained a lot of praise! In her video, Lisa perfectly executed Cheshir Ha‘s choreography and also showcased her impressive acting skills!

Lisa danced to “Tomboy” by Destiny Rogers and the American artist was more than excited to see that Lisa danced along to her voice. Destiny Rogers expressed her joy and commented on Lisa’s video, “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR USING MY SONG!!!!!!! THIS WAS AMAZING ILY.

destiny rogers

She also posted Lisa’s video on her Instagram.

Seems like Destiny Rogers is a BLINK!

Check out Lisa’s dance video below: